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A world beyond my own....

22 June 1989
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 わたし達は創りものでも 同じ だから
 終わり じゃないから
・・・ あ な た が す き

& A B O U T ;;

I'm Maj, currently attending CSUDH. I'm likely to stay in college forever for my lack of interest in school, and unable to decide my major. I'm a big procrastinator, but manage to get my work done correctly. I have major issue with my family, but who doesn't?

I love art; I love to draw. I wish I can buy supplies for art. My art aren't great as my friend's work, but it'll get there, in a million years. LOL!

& H O B B I E S ;;

-Watching Anime
-Reading Manga
-Watching murder shows (CSI, Mentalist, Bones, Criminal Minds,etc.) As well as other shows too (Grey's Anatomy, Dollhouse, Chuck, White Collar, Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon and Conan O'brien)
-Hanging out with Friends

& L I N K S ;;

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